Our Story

Our story begins in Europe, with the best cheese makers in the world….

After traveling around the world, tasting, testing, performing quality control and identifying the needs of the market, we visited the best factories – and came here to provide you with our quality and special products, especially for you …

CHEESE STORY is a cheese import and marketing company from SK SPIRITS, which has been operating since February 2020 and already supplies its products to a large number of customers throughout the country.

SK SPIRITS, the brand’s main company – is an import and marketing company engaged in importing consumer products in a variety of fields. The company has strong ties with major marketers who provide a wide distribution platform that reaches every area and customer.


Through its subsidiaries such as
VPG, Vita, Binyamina, Jasmine
Spirits and SK FOOD, S.K. Spirit in
the production and import of a
wide range of food products with
efficient logistics and distribution
all over the country.


Our company specializes in providing solutions to the food industry through a wide range of market-leading products and supplies its products to the hotel industry,
restaurant industry, confectionery, deli, minimarkets, leading chefs, pizzerias, cafes and soon an ONLINE sale for private customers will be open.


Unique Cheese!

Good, Fast, For EVERYONE!

Every cheese we import has a unique and different taste that tells the story that belongs only to it. Each brand comes from a country with a tradition, history that accompanies it and a line of products that characterize the country, which will provide you with a magical and different experience, with a European fragrance and taste…

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Our vision is -

  • Provide our customers with a variety of products at the highest level, while emphasizing and paying attention to the needs of customers, at any time and place and giving them the innovative taste experience to spread the good news.


  • Provide our customers with attentive, professional, responsible, and resourceful service. With us, the agents are carefully selected and undergo professional, and comprehensive training in the field of cheeses.


  • Lead in our fields, distribute a wide variety of brands and reach every home in Israel.